“The United States is in an offensive position”, “Russia is not an adversary”: signs of support from Mlenchon for the resurgence of Russians after the LFI-PS agreement

"Les USA sont dans une position agressive", "La Russie n'est pas un adversaire": des marques de soutien de Mélenchon aux Russes refont surface suite à l'accord LFI-PS

After the French presidential election, won by Emmanuel Macron to the detriment of Marine Le Pen, it is the legislative election that is now on everyone’s lips. And after various political speeches on May Day, agreements have already been reached between several parties.

Indeed, La France Insoumes has tied up with PS and Europe Ecology-les-Vert (EELV). So the Left is actually gathering on June 12 to defeat Emmanuel Macron and block the road to the National Rally of Marine Le Pen.

But not everyone looks at this reconciliation with a good eye. One problem is that Jean-Luc Mélenchon has repeatedly supported Vladimir Poutin and Russia. In this conflict, the leader of the LFI believes that it is not the Russians but the Americans who have the hat of the attacker.

Freelance journalist Marion van Renterghem posted a video on Twitter recalling the number of times since 2014 that Jean-Luc Mélenchon has publicly shown her support for Russians.

In December 2021, on the set of France Inter, Jean-Luc Mélenchon commented on the Russian invasion of Ukraine in this way: “For me, Russia is not an adversary but a participant”. In late January 2022, he said: “I think it is the United States that is on the offensive”.

In February, he confirmed “without a doubt” that NATO was the aggressor. “The United States does not need Ukraine to join NATO”.

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