The UP businessman accused the IPS officer of being killed by a bullet wound

An officer named Manilal Patidar has not been arrested yet. (File)


An Uttar Pradesh businessman who accused Indian Police Service officer Manilal Patidar – currently suspended – has died of gunshot wounds at a hospital in Kanpur. He was found earlier this month with a bullet wound to the neck in his Udi D car on the highway near the city of Mahoba and was fighting for life in critical treatment care.

Indrakant Tripathi, a leading businessman involved in mining in Mahoba, 230 km from the capital Lucknow, released a video statement on social media earlier this month accusing Manilal Patidar, a 2014 batch IPS officer, of corruption, intimidation and intimidation.

The businessman dealing in mining explosives said the officer should be blamed if he dies in any way. The video went viral on social media.

Patidar, the former police chief of Mahoba, a mining center in the state’s Bundelkhand region, was suspended less than 24 hours after the trader was admitted to hospital on corruption charges at the behest of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He and two other policemen were charged with attempted murder and ransom based on a complaint from the businessman’s family.

Now it is not clear who shot the businessman or how he ended up with a bullet from inside his car.

The officer has not yet been arrested.

“We want Patidar to be arrested. He is an influential person. He and his people can harm our family,” Mr Tripathi’s brother told media in Kanpur on Sunday.

Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav has criticized the UP government over the incident.

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“The assassination of Indrakant Tripathi, who exposed corruption in the Uttar Pradesh government, proved that the government’s ‘Thoko’ (Shooting) policy, fake encounters with the police and false cases against opposition leaders have plunged the state into the abyss.


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