“They Knew”, forced to close shop!

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, Lidl was the subject of supermarket theft in Boigny-sur-Meuse, France. as reported organizationMany people entered the shop in search of the safe which they found. As of now no one has been arrested.

According to the gendarmerie, the loot amounted to several tens of thousands of euros. And yet the team acting this weekend is veteran, according to Senna. “They knew how to proceed, they are not beginners”, said an official. As evidence, no one was alerted to noise or suspicious activity. It was the employees of the German brand who took up their position early on Monday, about thirty hours later, who alerted the authorities.

After getting the information, the police went to the spot and started investigation. He also interacted with the people around him.

As for the shop, it was closed for a good part of the day on Mondays. and was able to reopen at the end of the day and the next day.


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