“This is the strongest and least violent action I have found”

On Le Parisien’s microphone, an environmental activist said that when it was night, he went out to air the tires of big cars, which pollute a lot. He explained that he wanted to make the owners aware that they represent a danger to the planet.

The activist told our colleagues that he had already managed to blow up more than a hundred vehicles in one night at the 16th convention in Paris.

And during one of his night outings, the man was followed by a journalist from Le Parisien, who filmed him destroying the tires of SUVs, 4x4s and other polluting cars. Once the tires are inflated, he sticks a poster on the cars concerned explaining his action. “If the owner of a large 4×4 decides to buy a city car for his next vehicle, it is a win. Even if he decides to switch to bikes and take the train, it is heaven,” says Deflator.

But the young man is not unaware that according to French justice his act may qualify as voluntary destruction. Therefore he can be fined.


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