Transparent statue sparked sexism controversy

Transparent statue sparked sexism controversy

A statue of a woman in a see-through dress sparked a sexism debate in Italy.

Photo: Twitter

Referencing a poem written in the 19th century and designed to commemorate the poet, the statue, which was placed in a park in Sapri, was inaugurated on Saturday with a ceremony attended by former prime minister Giuseppe Conte. had participated.

The bronze statue, signed by the sculptor Emanuele Stefano, was written in 1857 by the poet Luigi Mercantani. ‘The Gleaner of Sapri’ A woman is mentioned in the poem. The poem describes the unsuccessful campaign of one of Italy’s first socialist thinkers, Carlo Pisacane, to the Kingdom of Naples.


Centre-left Democratic Party MP Laura Bouldernick ‘It is degrading to women and is ugly and defamatory in the context of history which should be celebrated and celebrated’ expressed. Boldrini on Twitter, “Even some institutions accept the sexual representation of a woman’s body. How can this be? wrote.

A group of women politicians within the party called for the statue’s removal: “We are once again saddened to be hurt for representing ourselves as a sexual being. It has no soul, nothing to do with the political and historical dimension of the issue.”

The statement also emphasized that the statue does not depict the woman who had decided not to go to work to protest the repressive attitude.

Sculptor Stefano, “She could have been completely naked, I admire the human body” said and ‘Only for those who want to see immorality’ He said he didn’t feel the need to explain his work.

The mayor of Sapri, Antonio Gentile, also said that there was no criticism from anyone till this discussion.

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