Tretat fed up with tourists after Lupine’s success

Tretat fed up with tourists after Lupine's success

Recently, Thailand reopened one of its spectacular beaches located in the cove. This is Maya Bay, the site that served as the location of the film. beach ,beach), starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Facing an influx of tourists visiting the place, it was deteriorating and threatened. It was decided to close in 2018.

Will we see the same thing closer to home? Parisian Victim of series success uncovers fate of Trettat lupine Streaming on Netflix. Very popular for decades, the Norman area of ​​the Seine-Maritime now sees an influx of gentleman thief fans. A million visitors, unheard, tell Parisian, This is a result of the success of the show and the end of the restrictions related to the pandemic. bingo? For Claus Lupine, the house where Maurice LeBlanc, the author of Arsene Lupine, lived, and the museum that is set up there, of course. Ten times more visitors and a turnover showing a growth of 300%. And if some traders are rubbing their hands, residents are angry, the daily points out. They are condemned to put up barricades in their homes to avoid invasion.

The mayor is also upset. He doesn’t want any more articles on the tretat and asks for rational tours. Because more and more people are leaving the village. Because by taking pebbles as souvenirs, tourists threaten to be eroded by some of the more famous rock formations. Because real estate is booming and no one wants to settle in the area.


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