Trump’s last fight … what will happen tonight in Washington?

Trump's last fight ... what will happen tonight in Washington?
The US capital, Washington, is living in an atmosphere full of tension and anxiety, with Congress meeting today to confirm the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the Wednesday, November elections, and his supporters protesting on the invitation of outgoing President Donald Trump The demonstration was announced, prompting officials to announce the status of the alert.

The US Congress is scheduled to meet in two of its chambers on Wednesday evening to confirm the results of the Electoral College votes, or to know the major voters who elected Biden the most.

This is the final stage before the presidential election inauguration on 20 January.

Trump showed a congressional meeting, the last chance in principle to maintain his office, with two moves that clung to power.

The first step was to invite his supporters to participate in a mass protest held in Washington, DC against the election results. “Stop theft,” Trump said in a tweet to participate in the protest.

US officials fear the protests will leave matters under their control and lead to violent incidents that would not be expected, especially from statements made by extremist groups about their intent to participate.

Therefore, the US capital saw a great security warning in anticipation of any emergency, and the Pentagon agreed to deploy forces from the National Guard in Washington.

Indeed, about 340 of them are spread over metro stations, near the White House and Congress.

Adding to the seriousness of the case, Trump has confirmed that he will address the protesters, which could lead to more tension.

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The second step was to call Trump, his vice president, Mike Pence, for efforts to reverse the results of the presidential election during a congressional meeting.

Trump hoped that Pence would do “something” in favor of the presidential election campaign, stating that “the vice president is authorized to reject the votes of members of the electoral college who were fraudulently elected.”

But CNN reported that Pence informed Trump that he could block the certification of election results.

The Vice President has few powers in the United States, and his presidency of the Senate is largely an honorary one.

Pence’s role in formal support of Biden’s victory in presidential elections is also symbolic of the joint sitting of both houses of Congress, and overseeing the electoral college’s counting of votes.

The founders and draftsmen of the US Constitution felt that the Vice President would have a large personal interest in who would win, so he kept his role symbolic, as he would have to open envelopes submitted by each state and proclaim each candidate with a clear voice of voters Have to do it.

Republican lawmakers joined Trump in an attempt to block the ratification of the election results, but his effort has no chance of doing so, and at most it could delay confirmation of Biden’s victory.

Trump’s unsuccessful attempts to reverse the outcome of the vote failed due to the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

For example, 60 lawsuits filed in courts failed to question the validity of the election results, and requests for a number of votes in several states, as well as in Georgia, led to the same result: Biden won.

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Despite this, the Republican president, whose term ends after two weeks, still refuses to accept his defeat to his Democratic opponent, claiming that the elections were “stolen” from him through fraud. Without providing evidence for this.

Democrats won one of two hot races for two of Georgia State’s seats in the Senate on Wednesday, and are leading in the other, thus approaching a victory that would have given them the political goals of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden Will give control of the House and power to achieve.

Democratic candidate Rafael Warnock, a priest of the church where Martin Luther King Jr. was campaigning, overtook incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, who became the first black senator in state history at the center of the American South.

If he wins, Democratic candidate John Ussaw, a documentary producer, will become the youngest senator in Georgia for 33 years ahead of Republican candidate David Purdue in the second-seat race.

The final result of the contest for this seat is not expected to be clear until Wednesday at the earliest.

The results are President Trump’s rejection of a state he has controlled for decades, his Republican Party.

Trump took part in campaigning for Republican candidates in Georgia on Monday, but his two-month effort to reverse his presidential election losses by introducing fraudulent allegations increased his support for him.

Trump’s efforts in this regard included criticism from Republican officials in the state.


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