Tunisian president said: $4.8 billion in public money was stolen

Tunisian president said: $4.8 billion in public money was stolen

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Tunisian President Keis Said announced that a public fundraising of $4.8 billion had been made and said 460 businessmen were involved in the robbery.

Tunisian President Kayas Saido, On the decisions taken on July 25, which have been described as a ‘coup’. made a statement about

In a televised statement today, Saeed announced that $4.8 billion in public money had been laundered.

Pointing out that 460 businessmen were involved in the robbery, Sayeed insisted that he would enter into a punitive settlement with those involved in the robbery.

He called upon the businessmen involved in the loot of public money to carry out development projects in different areas of the country.

On the other hand President of TunisiaHe said those trying to remove the files and documents related to corruption would be brought to justice.

On 25 July the President of Tunisia said; He announced that he would freeze all powers of parliament, suspend the immunity of deputies, sack the current prime minister, Hisham al-Mashishi, and that he would appoint an executive with a prime minister that he would. will appoint.

Although the N-Nahda movement described Said’s move as a ‘coup’, the proposals received support from several political parties.

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