Two unusual animals scare all the tourists there (VIDEO)

Two unusual animals scare all the tourists there (VIDEO)

In California, the afternoon at the beach was eventful on the shores of San Diego. In fact, beach-goers at “La Jolla Cove” were surprised by two sea lions who charged towards the crowd.

As the animals progressed on the beach, it gradually emptied, so that they could quietly reach the sea. But according to a spokesperson for SeaWorld Amusement Park, one of the two sea lions stays away from the other: “Actually, you can tell just by looking at the sea lions’ behavior, but the fact that one jumps into the water and The second joins him so quickly that it shows that they are following each other. This does not mean that these giant animals cannot harm humans. »

keep a good distance

“People have to be careful and maintain proper distance. Although sea lions may approach beach visitors, it is always recommended that we, the public, maintain a safe distance so as not to disturb their habits,” he concluded.

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