US midterm elections: Republicans dominate the House, close Senate battles, ‘a good day for democracy’ for Biden

US midterm elections: Republicans dominate the House, close Senate battles, 'a good day for democracy' for Biden

Joe Biden’s Democratic Party fared better than expected in the US midterm election. According to estimates, the Republican camp registers several victories and dominates the chamber, but its progress has been less than expected. In the Senate, both parties are in a pocket handkerchief, so full control of Congress has not yet been achieved by Republicans, but a House with a Republican majority is likely to stop or even block all of President Joe Biden’s policies. would be sufficient.

A victory would make a difference in favor of the Democrats in the Senate, which is in favor of John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. In Florida, it is Governor Ron DeSantis who establishes both Republican supremacy in this state and his personal ambitions in the White House.

a good day for democracy

Turnout during the last mid-term election is lower than in 2018, but it is the second highest in 50 years. This significant mobilization is explained by inflation, which is at a 40-year high and which has encouraged people to vote, rather than against, Biden’s policy. For their part, Democrats have rallied to defend abortion rights.

Former President Donald Trump, who is expected to announce that he will run for president in 2024, has seen some candidates lose his election.

red wave, not tidal wave

So it’s notred tidal wave“Republicans of color, as some of them predicted, but the House of Representatives is on track to be controlled by Republicans, even though Democrats have outperformed them in several close contests.

According to CNN at 6 p.m. (Belgian time), Democrats held 202 of the 435 seats, 184 behind Republicans, with the majority set at 218.

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Republicans could halt an increase in US military aid to Ukraine if they regain control of Congress, but analysts believe they could slow it, not cut it completely.

adverse reactions

The atmosphere at the White House improved for hours, with nervous advisers showing themselves smiling more at the beginning of the evening. On Wednesday morning, Joe Biden’s chief of staff was pleased with the results and poked fun at them: “Never underestimate how undermined ‘Team Biden’ is.”

,It is clear that we will take charge of the House of Representatives“: Republican tenor Kevin McCarthy showed his optimism Tuesday through Wednesday night, when the results continued.

“It’s not as big a wave as I expected. We have some tough elections that have gone the other way.” said Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who also predicted red tsunami,

Democrat Fetterman snatches key senator seat in Pennsylvania

It will certainly take days or weeks to reach a majority in the Senate, where Democrats had a very small majority before the election. For now, two camps are currently tied: 48 seats for Democrats, 49 for Republicans out of 100 in an assembly. The Democrats won a significant seat in Pennsylvania, with John Fetterman’s victory in Pennsylvania facing a Trumpist candidate.


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