US Supreme Court set to end abortion rights, leaked never-before-seen documents reveal

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Mississippi Case That Could Threaten Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court was radically changed by former Republican President Donald Trump, who brought in three justices, consolidating his conservative majority (six out of nine judges).

Since September, she has sent many favorable signals to opponents of abortion and has refused to block the enactment of a Texas law limiting abortion rights to the first six weeks of pregnancy against two trimesters in the current legal framework. ,

During a December review of the Mississippi law, which also questioned the legal deadline for abortion, most of its magistrates explicitly implied that they were in Roe v. Lowered. The court’s decision in this matter is expected in June.

The document submitted by Politico pertains to this file. Its publication is an extremely rare leak for the Supreme Court, where the confidentiality of the deliberations has almost never been violated.

According to Politico, which cites a man with knowledge of court deliberations, four other conservative judges—Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Connie Barrett—voted along with Samuel Alito, three liberal judges. A disagreement is acting up and the final vote of Court President John Roberts remains unknown.

“I’m pretty sure such a leak never happened” At the Supreme Court, Twitter was commented on by jurist Neil Katyal, who has repeatedly pleaded for Barack Obama’s government before the High Court. For him, “many signs” This means that the document is genuine.

The court declined to comment on a question asked by AFP.

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