Vaccine passport debate in France | Political storm surrounds Macron’s words

  Vaccine passport debate in France |  Political storm surrounds Macron's words

(Paris) Prime Minister Jean Casteux on Wednesday called on the deputy to expedite an investigation into the text establishing a vaccine passport, admitting that Emmanuel Macron’s controversial remarks said he was ready to “pee” the unaffiliated. Were.

Gail Geoffroy and Anne Renaut
France Media Agency

“Without vaccinations, I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do this until the end. This is the strategy ”, declared the head of state in an interview with of paris Tuesday. “When my freedom threatens the freedom of others, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen,” he said.

Called to explain himself, Jean Casteux first confirmed before the Senate, during questions to the government, his willingness to press for vaccination without it. “Who is insulting the country? Who is breaking the country? Who leads the caregivers in our emergency to make dramatic moral choices? Well, that’s a small minority,” he said.

Then in front of deputies debating in a tense atmosphere a bill to convert health passports to vaccination passports, the prime minister urged them to “debate the text as soon as possible” given the health situation.

Health Minister Olivier Veran told the assembly that some 335,000 new COVID-19 contamination should be recorded on Wednesday, compared to more than 270,000 on Tuesday. A total of 66,000 people were vaccinated for the first time on Wednesday, which is 1. a record sinceIs October, he insisted, seemed to correlate with the pressure exerted by the executive.

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“There is a difficulty with our fellow citizens who refuse vaccination. This is not insulting anyone, it is reality”, Mr Castex insisted, calling for “the individual responsibility of every citizen of the republic”.

“We were waiting for an apology and we had an excuse,” lamented LR deputy Julian Aubert when the patron saint of PS deputies, Valerie Rabault, reported that the head of government had “once even named the President of the Republic”. was not pronounced “”.

“Cold Populism”

Before the prime minister lay on the floor for about twenty minutes, the presidents of the opposition groups in turn challenged him on the words of Emmanuel Macron, “who always, again, at all times, seeks to break up French society only for political purposes.” ” and testify to a “cold and calculated populism”, according to Damien Abad, owner of LR deputies.

“Do you accept these words? », asked communist Pierre Dharreville. “Sorry for these unqualified remarks,” said Mathilde Pinot, the speaker of the Assembly of Insoumis.

LREM deputy boss Christophe Castaner called to find “peace” when his modem counterpart, Patrick Mignola, scratched the LR by joking about his hidden desire that the government would “hide divisions” within his group 49. Took -3. “We must go to the end when we announced that we support a lesson,” he grumbled.

At noon, government spokesman Gabriel Attal estimated that Emmanuel Macron’s words were “far below the anger of a very large majority of the French people”.

But he refused to resort to Article 49-3 to get the bill passed, observing that “the majority is ready to vote for it”.

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The debate in the Assembly is going on at a slow pace, in a tense atmosphere, the menu still has 450 amendments and several disruptions of the session at the request of the Left.

report to the senate

The debate in the Assembly resumed on Tuesday evening, following a sudden suspension from Monday to Tuesday night on voting with a welcome hand by the opposition.

Then the deputies agreed on the thorny issue of vaccination passports for minors, postponing school trips and peri- and extra-curricular activities for 12 to 16 years.

But the interview with the head of state was resumed and the debate was suspended again, following a request, unsuccessfully, to protest Jean Casteux’s arrival in a hemicycle.

According to the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Marc Fesneau, the entry into force of the vaccination passport on January 15 “remains a purpose”.

However, the schedule is still at risk of derailment. The examination of the text in the Senate, which was initially due for debate from Thursday, should be postponed to early next week. There will be a meeting of the presidents on Wednesday afternoon to review the agenda.

The leader of the LR Senators, in a majority in the upper house, Bruno Riteau, considered it necessary to “put down the game”, in “a frenzied atmosphere”.

Infectious disease specialist Eric Comms told him that he “understood Emmanuel Macron’s “probably controlled slippage” as a doctor, highlighting the “excitement” of caregivers on the faces of non-vaccinated people.


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