Venezuela’s election: Trump-backed opposition leader decides to lose power

Venezuela's election: Trump-backed opposition leader decides to lose power

Venezuelan politician President Donald Trump is preparing to overthrow the country’s dictator and make it difficult to claim his leadership in his place and has staked his heart in one of the foreign policies signed by the Trump administration.

In January 2019, the Leader of the Opposition of Venezuela Juan Guide Declared himself the rightful president of the country. He argued that the president Nicolas Maduro, who has been in power for seven years, Blamed the 2018 presidential election for which he was placed in charge and as a result, Guide 2As the head of the National Assembly, he was the appropriate interim president of the country as per the constitution of the country.

The United States and more than 500 other countries have endorsed Gaida’s claim and have been working ever since to help bring Maduro out once and for all. They have allowed politicians and businesses, sent much-needed food and medical aid, and helped sustain Gowde’s global campaign to retreat and increase his popularity.

But despite two years of pressure, Gowda has remained in the National Assembly and Maduro in the presidential palace. Come Sunday, however, only Maduro is likely to be there.

Venezuelans will go to the polls on Sunday to vote in the country’s national assembly elections, where they will decide 277 people To represent them from 5 January.

But Gaddafi and his opposition group are boycotting the election because they say the election is tumultuous.

They have a strong argument, especially since international observers European Union And the United Nations will not keep an eye. Also, government security forces have barred opposition groups from entering the legislature since January to attend national assembly sessions – just as Gowda was preparing to be elected its leader. Since then, Gaddy and his colleagues have maintained their own arrangements Parallel sessions Of Parliament outside the institution.

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Even if it’s on the right – and Voting Indicates that many Venezuelans agree with their claims – meaning still Gaddy and his group will lose their seats in the next national assembly. It would be a big blow to the opposition and a significant victory for Maduro.

“The future of Gaida’s project looks bleak,” said David Smild, a Venezuelan expert at the Washington Office for Human Rights in Latin America. “There is little international consensus on the status of Gowda’s claim for an interim president after January 5.”

“It is likely that it will maintain support but it will be less strong, and the whole Venezuelan issue will be put on the back burner in the US and the EU.” “The next two months are likely to see Gu Gowde’s condition worsen further leading to a slower decline in his power and a slower consolidation for Maduro during 2021.”

The vote in the National Assembly will strengthen Maduro’s pride in Venezuela

Sunday’s likely tough election will represent the remaining damage to Venezuela’s democracy and the economically depraved nation will be taken over by Maduro.

The December 2015 National Assembly vote was seen as the last legitimate election in the country. Since then, Maduro has increasingly put the nation’s government under his shoes, and he is now on the verge of claiming his final prize. With a full legislature from Venezuela’s legislature, Maduro has turned the whole government to his will.

The guide will still have a little ability to fight. President-elect JB Biden And the leaders of other countries have pledged to support its cause, and it controls much of the country’s financial wealth, including U.S. In the account of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Oil company Sitgo, And Gold in the Bank of England.

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The problem, experts say, is that the effect is more external than internal. Once he officially leaves the National Assembly, Gaddafi and his allies will not be able to close treaties and agreements, as Maduro wants to sign with world powers. China and Russia for resource extraction Or Maduro wants to pass laws that could reduce civil society and pro-democracy groups, experts say.

After that, Maduro found a way to secure his rule in the last few years. And after Sunday, his seat on the throne will almost certainly be secured.


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