Very bad news for Navalni’s health

Very bad news for Navalni's health

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is serving a sentence in a penal colony in Vladimir Oblast’s Pokrov, wrote today on his Instagram account that he had 38.1 fever and a severe cough, and three of the other 15 inmates of his group Were prisoners. Hospitalized with tuberculosis. Russian media reported.

One of the sharpest critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Navalny had previously complained of severe back and leg pain and accused the prison administration of denying him access to his chosen doctor and not giving him the right medicine Huh.

AFP reported that on 31 March, Navalny announced a hunger strike for the state of protests at the penal colony in Pokov, 100 km from Moscow.

He also accused the austerity administration of torturing him by depriving him of sleep.

“‘Here’ is the model model colony.”

On Friday, several Russian media responded to complaints of abuse of Navalny, calling his penal colony exemplary.
“Nothing is true about that,” Navalny said today.

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