Vilnius residents infected with the Omicron strain have a symptomatic form of the disease: a state of isolation awaits them

Vilnius residents infected with the Omicron strain have a symptomatic form of the disease: a state of isolation awaits them

Iomicron Variety approved for Vilnius residents. They feel symptoms, but those symptoms are not bothersome, ”R. Lingiano said in an interview with LNK“inioms”.

Approval of a particular strain of coronavirus takes time, but according to the NSVC representative, if it is suspected to be an omicron strain, immediate action is taken as if it has already been identified.

“To confirm the varieties, it is necessary to conduct sequential studies which technically last for several days. This is completely normal, and it is happening all over the world. But when we get information about positive PCR cases an S gene mutation is detected within a few hours. Upon receipt of information that an omicron strain is suspected, we apply the exact same algorithm if the strain is confirmed. (…) Infection All necessary actions were taken already over the weekend to prevent the spread of the virus,” said R. Lingien.

about seventy people were isolated

According to a representative of the NSVC, ​​about seventy people are currently in isolation, about twenty people in isolation because of confirmed cases, and about fifty – because of suspected cases.

“They were isolated only after a positive PCR test result. The number of isolates has not increased, they simply know in advance that they cannot shorten their isolation to seven days after completing the PCR test on the seventh day.” (…) They should remain isolated at all times,” said R Lingian.

Omicron’s identified cases are related to travel.

“One person had returned from a foreign country, another person was in contact with another person, who had also returned from a foreign country,” R. Lingiano said.

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Your risk should be assessed

A representative of NVSC said that each person should self-assess their individual risks – their health status, immune status and self-determination.

“The recommendations remain the same as for the Delta strain, only more specific – a third booster dose of the vaccine. This is also needed in Delta. But science has already established that a third booster dose creates a sufficiently effective protection against the Omicron strain. is, ”R. Lingiano insisted.

At the same time, the show’s interlocutor urged not to forget the general recommendations, which are also effective: wearing a medical mask or, better yet, a respirator, to maintain a safe distance, hand hygiene and frequently ventilate the premises .

“Let’s not give up teleworking, we have to wait for the holidays, science will probably find new solutions, we’ll learn more about diversity, and we’ll see how it can be managed better.” Online shopping or, if we We shop directly in stores, then plan, make lists and go to a bar with proper safety measures in place, but not every day or every other day we go to the supermarket,” said R. Lingienne.

The passenger asks the NVSC representative that the passenger cards are filled in correctly and contain correct data.

“This greatly facilitates the work of epidemiologists,” R. Lingiano said.

insulation rules changed

As already announced, Lithuania, along with other countries, is strengthening Omicron’s surveillance and epidemiological control, a new case of concern in Europe on a daily basis. Taking into account the recommendations of the European Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the experience of other countries, response measures have been developed in case of Omicron virus type infection in Lithuania. Last week, Lithuania tightened rules for travelers, and the National Center for Public Health (NVSC) began tightening controls on travelers.

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According to the updated isolation rules, which will take effect on December 4, if a person is diagnosed or suspected of a strain of the coronavirus Omicron, everyone who has been in contact with it, whether they have been vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 Yes, will have to be apart for 10 days. In such cases there would be no possibility to short the insulation.

Travelers from the Republic of Botswana, the Kingdom of Askatov, the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Republic of Mozambique, the Republic of Namibia, the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Zimbabwe will not be able to ease their isolation. We remind you that arrivals from these countries, which are subject to advanced communicable disease control measures, should be isolated, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or contracted COVID-19. The list of affected countries is updated every Friday and published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Arrivals from countries subject to reinforced communicable disease control measures will be able to leave the place of isolation only in the following cases:

  • moving or transporting a person who cannot take care of himself/herself to a medical institution for emergency assistance (not required to notify NVSC);
  • Visiting or being taken to a person who cannot take care of himself/herself at a mobile point or medical institution for a COVID-19 test (not required to notify NVSC);
  • Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania living or working abroad, persons who need to leave for health care purposes, crew and crew members who work in companies engaged in international commercial transport or Vehicles for international commercial transport shall be able to leave the country where they live, work or where health care will be provided before the due date of separation (NVSC must be notified of the planned departure).
  • As before, if an isolated person has to change the place of isolation for good reasons, he/she will have to apply to NVSC and get permission to move to another place of isolation (not more than 2 times during the permission period). Is done) isolation period, only to go to the place of isolation).
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