Walking 10 minutes a day briskly, the secret to living longer?

Walking 10 minutes a day briskly, the secret to living longer?

A hard blow when the biological clock reminds us that time is slipping through our fingers. So, we hurry on creams and tips to slow down the signs of aging… but thwarting the bygone years is a far more complex task. Yet scientists at the University of Leicester, UK, seem to have found a solution through a study of 405,000 adults. just like a bikeBrisk walking will also increase life expectancy. published in scientific journal communication biologySurveys prove that the faster we walk, the slower we age.

Like brisk walking, tea also helps you live longer.

How ?

Researchers from the University of Leicester analyzed the participants’ genetic data and the length of their telomeres. If, like us, the latter didn’t tell you anything before this study, it is the main marker of biological age. They grow smaller and divide during our lives (with age, due to stress, lack of sleep, etc.) at the ends of chromosomes (to protect them). So the more telomeres divide, the shorter they get, and the older we get.

So, what is the relationship between brisk walking and telomere length? Scientists from this research came to the conclusion that physical activity (among them, brisk walking) preserves telomeres and slows their division, making it possible to live longer.

up to 20 years old

Exactly, what is considered brisk walking? Keep in mind that on average a slow step corresponds to a speed of 4.8 km/h. When you go on a brisk walk, you accelerate to 6.4 km/h. If you maintain (or exceed) this rate, scientists believe it is possible to increase your life expectancy by 20 years. For the less athletic among us, fear not, this more dynamic exercise can be done in your daily activities. , For example, in addition to increasing overall walking, those who are able can aim to increase the number of steps taken in a given time, for example by walking faster to a bus stop. Paddy Dempsey, one of the study’s authors, explains. We must also remember that in addition to increasing life expectancy, brisk walking has other health facilities, So hop on, put on your sneakers and leave the car behind for short trips!

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