Warning of devastating storm in America: people are already leaving home

Warning of devastating storm in America: people are already leaving home

It is believed to be the most powerful hurricane to hit Louisiana in more than a century and a half.

Roads leading to Louisiana’s Gulf of Mexico coast are heavily traffic jams and queues at state airports quickly leave the area. As Category Fourth Hurricane Ida approaches the coast of Louisiana, thousands are in a hurry to leave the region. It is believed that the last time such a powerful storm hit Louisiana caused havoc 170 years ago.

“Ida is turning into a very dangerous hurricane. Needless to say. I just got the latest information from the Hurricane Center. As you know, he’s traveling straight to Louisiana,” US President Biden said.

Hurricane Katrina will hit land tonight, the same day as Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago. This time, 80 percent of New Orleans remained underwater. More than 1,800 people were killed. Bridges and roads have been demolished – entire quarters of the city have been swept away. The whole area was cut off from the outside world for several days and it took years to recover. The city is now protected by special flood gates and other security systems, but meteorologists warn against preparing for the worst.

“The wind gusts can reach and exceed 270 kmph. This is a more powerful storm than last year’s Laura. For those who are not prepared to bring Ida, this storm could ruin lives,” said Benjamin Schott, head of the National Weather Center.

“We decided to go. As is the case with Hurricane Katrina, we don’t want a catastrophe, so we don’t take any risks,” said one Haumea resident.

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But while thousands of people evacuate after receiving orders, there are those who fill up on sandbags, supplies of food and fuel, and despite warnings of deadly danger, a confrontation with Ida will await at home.

“I’m not scared. There will be a storm here. It’s natural and you have to come to terms with it while you’re here. We’ll do everything we can,” the local added.

Flooding warns that a catastrophic storm is inevitable. In some parts of the coast, the water level can rise by about five metres.


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