We were surprised by the approval of the vaccine

We were surprised by the approval of the vaccine

The Dutch administration was surprised that the European Medical Agency (EMA) approved the vaccines of the “Pfizer” and “Biontech” companies in December, so it was not able to start the vaccination due to logistics problems, today Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte he said.

Rutte’s administration was discussed during a discussion by MPs that led to the Netherlands being the last to introduce vaccination in the European Union.

Root reminded that last week, the Netherlands was given 164,000 doses, totaling 288,000.

According to him, the Netherlands was not prepared for the logistics of delivery of this vaccine, which should be stored at minus 70 ° C.

– The main problem is that we got the vaccine earlier. It is a different type of vaccine and it was not possible to be flexible – Root said in his address to Duties.

Labor leader Lodijek Ascher accused Rutte of looking for excuses while 300,000 doses of the vaccine were in storage, and none had yet been found.

Warehouses in the Netherlands have thousands of thousands of doses of the “Pfizer” vaccine against Kovid 19, but it will not begin vaccination before Wednesday, which will be limited to health workers.

EMA made a recommendation on December 21 for the “Pfizer” and “Biontek” vaccines.

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