What measures does the government analyze following the suggestions of experts?

What measures does the government analyze following the suggestions of experts?

“Nothing is dismissed, but nothing is imminent.” The explanation made by an important official with an office in Casa Rosda summarizes the intersection of government in the face of the impact of the second wave of coronovirus, social degradation and Recommendation by experts To implement the same tough measures and even total closures as last year to protect the Chief of Santiago Cafiero from contagion wounds.

while as Clarin toldAdministration, before the meeting already Alberto Fernandez He spoke of giving a “minimum” period of 72 hours for evaluating measures to take effect from last Friday, with suggestions from experts and an almost unanimous view of the risk of collapse in front of the health system The ruling party reopened internal debate on the need for more sanctions.

With little social and economic margin for indefinite closure of Phase 1 or without an excessive reference, the government acknowledges that the proposal of the experts was not rejected. MORE: Official sources indicate that the strategy to eventually be consolidated is “Intermittent Strong Restrictions“This is accompanied by a clear and concrete declaration that circulation is restricted and includes a number of non-essential activities, including economic, Without extension, for a certain period of time, As it has already been implemented in many countries of the world.

A creole reversal of Hammond’s theory and the dance of French-Spanish engineer Tomás Pueyo, who last year asked for continued finale and opening to stay together until TK’s appearance. In this case, whenever faced with extreme health conditions, intermittently will allow the curve to stop and the vaccination plan will have time to move forward.

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Spain, Great Britain and Italy are some examples of Casa Rosda where strong measures were taken with relative success in terms of compliance.

Among Fernandez’s allies, however, they point out that the big question is to move forward with more restrictions.

“Social tendency affects, in fact, if not, if it was epidemiological, then first measures should have been taken; but if you tell people when it starts and you guarantee what day it ends Happens, and in fact it ends, will complete it. ” The fear of the disease also begins to return ”, considering one of the people present in the meeting with the experts.

Based on the “self-control” they had come to believe, being considered in the final week, the government decided to wait a while. “If people follow these measures, perhaps the red button should not be activated,” one presidential adviser commented.

Thus, until “there is a catastrophe that is not seen today in numbers”, it opens Wait till next week. 27,001 new cases registered this Tuesday, although they marked a new record, which are within the figures expected by the government.

The finding of consensus among the three jurisdictions — province, province, and city — also suggests caution. “Nothing can be done without coordination,” he acknowledged in the ruling party.

It was precisely because of this issue that the province still did not proceed with tough measures, something that Buenos Aires Chief of Staff Carlos Bianco whitewashed this Tuesday when he acknowledged that Axel Kissilof’s proposal last week was “a Strong closure was “15 days to reduce the increase in cases. “

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This is what some epidemiologists also ask, who understand that the coup is the only way to prevent the level of infection.

In government they share a concern about such a more contagious curve. “The condition is that it does not continue along the peaks and it becomes a plateau,” they argue. but Decided to wait. “Nothing is imminent,” they insist.

Also, in Casa Rosada, they point out that local cuisine is needed for wide-ranging and different health scenarios throughout Argentina. “Catamarca cannot be closed here because of what happens in the AMBA, but much happens in the AMBA, later affecting Catamarca,” they reason, to the government’s locations on the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires Arguments as important, but at the same time a decision to deepen restrictions and “surgical” closures.

“They cannot speak more than the total bandh at the country level and not even at the provincial level: each region is a separate matter that must be fully evaluated,” he explains. In this sense, they model the phase system implemented by Kicillof.

The man from Buenos Aires is weighted on other governors because “he does not hesitate to make decisions even when there are political costs.” Jörg Kaptainich from Chacko is another who makes that list. The difference is that Casa Rosda wants to do more and more activism with the leaders.

Among those measures that depend exclusively on the nation, the AMBA analyzes an adjustment to reduce circulation in public transport, reducing the categories of essentials that it can use. Unlike last year, when schools did not have classrooms, the influx of teachers and students in buses and trains led to a 20 percent increase in passengers.

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Removing windows in the units, announced by the Minister of Transport, Mario Mooney, is not enough for health officials who see images “with great concern” that go viral about passengers in trains and buses every day.

Look too

Look too

A government advisory proposal to stop the second wave of coronaviruses, shut down everything from 6:00 p.m.


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