“Who are we going to call with?”, “We have everything Western”: the effects of the sanctions worry Russian propagandists

Since Russia’s recognition of non-government controlled regions of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts in Ukraine on February 21, 2022, and the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the European Union has imposed economic sanctions against Russia. These measures were on top of measures already taken in 2014 following the annexation of Crimea and failure to implement the Minsk agreements.

,Unprecedented restrictions have been imposed on our country. But their main objective was not achieved by their initiators. They have failed to undermine our financial stability“, Michaustin said at the Moscow Financial Forum in September 2022. Yet it turns out that Russia is more affected than it seems. is experiencing a deep recession in (GDP) in the third quarter. Its imports have also declined sharply.

Moscow says sanctions ‘fail to undermine Russia’s financial stability’

the Daily latest news Reveals that during a talk show on state television, some Putin propagandists highlighted their concerns about the consequences of Western sanctions. “Russian high-speed train dream (A model made by German Siemens) won’t drive, predicts a preacher. ,Who are we going to drive with? Who are we going to call with? What are we going to do? Have we taken care of that?” others wonder, “Suppose we take those responsible to court… but that won’t give us another dream. Or an aeroplane. We only have Western. We can nationalize everything now, but what do we do the next day?” Will it? A simple question with no satisfactory answer.”

Putin’s propagandists see the effects of the sudden sanctions: “We only have Western”. ¬©screenshot

In August 2022, A study by analysts from the Yale School of Management has already said “Company departures and sanctions cripple the Russian economy in the short and long term”, Experts particularly criticized his speech, praising the figures chosen by Vladimir Putin and the resilience of the Russian economy. The analysis did indeed confirm that the restrictions are in place “Discourage many companies and countries from continuing to do business with Russia” before adding that the difficulties the country was facing “to provide spare parts and raw materials, or to obtain certain essential technologies.” A claim that is corroborated by the concerns of the preachers.

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